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This lash is a staple in our line and has been a favorite from the beginning! Whether you are walking down the aisle, partying in Miami, graduating college or just running errands, she is right there with you! She is fluffy and wispy and everything you need in a lash!


The Look: wispy, fluffy

Glam Scale: (not) your average chick

Lash shape: round

Uses: about 25

Material: 3D mink


SKU: 113
  • It’s the end of the day and now it’s time to remove your lashes and store them until the next use!

    Starting from either corner, pinch your lash band and gently pull until the entire lash is removed. 

    Use your nails or tweezers to gently peel any excess glue from the band. 

    Use a lash spoolie to brush any mascara out of your lashes. Try to avoid applying mascara directly to the lashes. Instead, apply mascara on your natural lashes first, and then apply your Live Fancy Lashes. This will reduce mascara build up and increase the life of your lashes. 

    Place them back in the diamond lash box on the clear tray. And that’s it! 


  • Due to the sensitive nature of this product, no returns or exchanges will be accepted. 

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