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In this online makeup course, I will teach you how to confidently apply your makeup in 4 easy steps, and get a flawless pro beat from home!


Here's what you will learn...

My signature 4 Step SLAY that will have you beat


Skin can make our break your makeup. Its also the most important part of your everyday makeup routine. If you run out of time doing your makeup, as long as your skin is done then you are good to go! I am going to teach you how to get your skin flawless without buying a ton of products or looking greasy and cakey at the end. 

Layering the right products for your skin is key to getting a smooth and blended finish to your look! When you layer liquid and powder products correctly, the end result is a texture free, even toned, long lasting beat that will hold up all day!

Application is the difference between good makeup and what in the world happened?! This class teaches you the tools you need and my pro technique of applying your makeup already blended which saves time and get a seamless look!

Yess!!! Yup! That pretty much sums up how you will feel once you add all the juicy toppings to your beat! Lashes and lips always bring everything together and take you from almost there to laflare!





Here's what you get when you enroll!

*4 Step SLAY Makeup Class 

*The Color Confidence Guide 

*A complete product and tool breakdown

*Access to our exclusive Facebook group for extra support, bts videos, tips and tricks, and to join a community of queens! (PRICELESS!)

*Unlimited replays so you can watch over and over and practice at your own pace!


This course is for you if...


*You want to master an everyday look on yourself and need a pro to walk you through it. 

*You need to purchase new makeup and don't know what products to buy or where to start.  

*You are looking to achieve a clean and professional beat for online meetings or social media events.

*You don't want to book a makeup artist every time you want to look presentable.

*You need and quick date night look so your boo isn't waiting forever for you to get ready.

*You want to know how to determine your undertone using 3 simple methods, that way you won't be confused when buying your foundation.

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Hi, I'm Shannon!

I am a PRO MUA and Beauty Educator. So many women ask me all the time if I can do their makeup for them everyday because they can't get their makeup to look how I can.

And of course I'm flattered, but you can absolutely get a pro beat in the comfort of your home, without looking overly made up, overspending on makeup products or trying to learn from Youtube influencers!

 Thats why I created the 4 step SLAY Makeup Course. To teach you makeup 101, and to give you some of my signature techniques that I use to create looks that are quick & flawless so you can too! 


Here's some         on the 4 step SLAY!

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