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Live Fancy Makeup

Are you ready to look flawless everyday?

Keep going. Here's what you will get:

  • Beginner friendly makeup application methods you can use the next time you get ready. 

  • Tips, tricks to save you time.

  • Favorite products that I have used and love!

10 Steps to Everyday Flawless Face

Do everything you can to save time and product ahead of time. Things like making sure your brows are groomed into a neat shape, exfoliating your lips and skin and even shaving your face! (be careful! but this will make your skin very smooth)

Cleanse you face and add your favorite moisturizer. Be sure to moisturize your neck too! Here are some of my faves.

Fancy Faves

Dove Soap Bar (don't sleep on Dove!)

PONDS moisturizer for normal to dry skin (add 1-2 drops of your fave oil for dry/dehydrated skin)

Cetaphil Cleansers and moisturizers ( for all skin types)

Clean & Clear Oil free scrub (normal to oily skin)

Mario Badescu product line (for all skin types)

Kiehl's (for all skin types)

Primers are important because they address any issues that need it after you have cleansed and moisturized your skin.

Choose your primer based skin issues you want to address. If you are dry, look for a hydration primer. Oily, look for something oil free or that is mattifying. If you are combo, choose a primer that addresses oil for your zone & do a spray or a lightweight primer on the rest of your face. If you want to fill pores or smooth texture, choose a primer that does that and use it only in the areas that you need it and again try a spray or lightweight primer for the rest of your face. Your makeup is only going to mimic the surface you put it on. So if you want a smooth and flawless look, meet your makeup halfway and take care of your skin. 

Fancy Faves 

Fenty PRO filt’r Instant Retouch Primer 

Elf Putty Primers

Milk Hydro grip & blur stick primers 

MAC  Natural Radiance Primer & Fix +

NYX First base primer spray 

Address any blemishes or hyper pigmentation by color correcting. Yellow/green cancel red tones and peach/orange cancel purple and blue tones. You only need a little bit of corrector. Too much and you will be blending and adding product forever! Start with your finger and then blend out with a brush or beauty blender. Add concealer to bring corrected areas back to your natural color and to brighten under your eyes. Blend concealer on eyelids as well. 

Fancy Faves

LA Pro Conceal orange and green correctors 

LA Pro Conceal concealers 

MAC Prolongwear concealer 

Juvia’s Place I am Magic Concealer 

Tarts Shape tape 


You can add Foundation or tinted moisturizer to the remainder of your face and blend into your concealer or completely skip this step when you blend your concealer well and take care of your skin! 

Fancy Faves

(make any foundation tinted by mixing it with a small amount of moisturizer & primer!) 

Fenty Beauty

Black Opal True color sticks 

MAC Studio Fix 

Lancôme Teint Idole

Set entire face with finishing powder that matches the color of your skin; add bronzer to your forehead and cheekbones, then add blush if you want, & your fave highlight! We got to glow!

Fancy Faves

RCMA powder

Laura Mercier Translucent 

MAC studio fix & mineralize powders 

Sephora Microsmooth powder 




Brush your brow in the direction that it naturally grows. Up in the front, up and over for the arch and tail of the brow. Fill in sparse areas with brow products such as a pencil, shadow or brow gel. Use quick hair like strokes when filling in the brow and draw a line on the top and bottom to give shape. Skip the concealer to save time!

With a fluffy blending brush, dust a neutral matte tone into crease. With a eyeshadow brush, add light shimmer or matte color to the lid. Add black or brow liner & pop on your Live Fancy Lashes! Add a little mascara to the base of your eyelashes and to your bottom lashes. 

Fancy Fave brushes


Real Techniques


You can add a natural brown lip liner and a nude lipstick or a bold color depending on your mood!


Set with spray and you are set for the day girl! 

Fancy Faves

Urban Decay All Nighter

Morphe Continuous Spray


If you want to work 1 on 1 with me for a makeup lesson click the button!

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